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  • museo-inocencia

    El museo de la inocencia

    La historia de amor de Kemal, un joven miembro de la burguesía de Estambul, por su pariente lejana Füsun es una extraordinaria novela sobre la pasion rayana e...

  • escanear0001

    Green eggs and ham

    This Dr. Seuss classic starring Sam-I-Am will have readers of all ages craving Green Eggs and Ham!

    And don’t miss the new series adaption of Green Eggs and Ham coming so...

  • robinson

    Robinson Crusoe

    Esta historia es una de las clásicas novelas de aventuras. Por algunos es considerada la primera novela inglesa. El personaje de esta obra es, al estilo de Sherlock Holmes, un transgreso...

  • escanear0016

    Shadow of the shark (Magic tree house) Merlin Missions

    Jack and Annie are going on vacation! Or so they think. Teddy, the young sorcerer, has promised them a relaxing time off the coast of Mexico. The magic tree house whisks them away to a be...

  • escanear0004

    Spring surprises

    Say goodbye to winter and celebrate all the fun and exciting surprises springtime offers—like flying kites, making mud pies, watching new baby animals take their first steps, and dancin...

  • escanear0021

    The little airplane

    Mr. Small is a high-flying pilot in this adventure! Pilot Small prepares for his flight, and then enjoys the bird’s-eye view from above. As fresh today as when it was first published, t...

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