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  • amazing-marrie

    Amazing Grace for merried couples

    12 Life-changing stories of renewed love.

  • amazing-suffer

    Amazing grace For those who Suffer

    10 life changing stories of hope anda healing.

  • angels

    Angels for kids

    Children should know just how much they are cared for. “Buy this book for your kids, savor some reading time with them, and you´ll be amazed by how much you´ll learn too!” -...

  • becoming

    Becoming a Great God Parent

    Becoming a great god parent is lively, informative, and easy-to-read, and explains who is eligible to be a godparent as well as how to be a great one. It offers a brief history of godpare...

  • go-1

    Go in Peace

    Confession, Penance, Reconciliation. The ancient Sacrament of Penance is called many names but has one purpose – the forgiveness of sins. Many Catholics and ot...

  • good-leanders

    Good Leaders good shepherds

    Discovering leadership principples for effective priestly ministry

  • my-life

    My life on the rock

    A rebel returns to the catholic faith.

  • partnering

    Partnering with the king

    Partnering with the King represents thrity-one readings in Matthew to be studied by individuals daily for a month or by groups weekly from fall to spring- especially appropriate in the li...


    Praying scripture for a change

    A introduction to Lectio Divina.

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