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  • preparing

    Preparing for preer pressure

    A guide for parents of young children. In this book, the author provides a framework for guidance and discipline for young parents with children under 12. Anyone interested in coping with...

  • saint-francis

    Saint Francis and Brother Duck

    See Saint Francis come to life as never before in this colorful graphic novel set in the hilltowns of Italy. Francis saves the life of an innovent duck, the only fictitious character in t...


    Saint Francis of Assisi

    Chesterton captures the spirit of the world´s most popular saint like no one else. “All Francis´s life was a series of plunges and scampers; darting after the beggar, dashing nake...


    Shirt of flame

    “This book brings out the grit of sanctity, how it is a continuous, no-holds-barred full-on contact engagement with reality. This episodes from St. Therese´s life and Ms. King´s r...

  • the-complete-therese

    The complete Therese of Lisieux

    Pope John Paul II declared her in 1997- one of only three women in history- a “Doctor of the Church” For the last century, millions of hearts have been touched by St. Therese ...

  • the-confessions

    The confessions of Saint Augustine

    The first autobiography ever written. Augustine´s Confessions ranks among the most profound books in history. But it´s more than that; this testament shows how God gives rest to the wea...

  • the-imitation

    The imitation of Christ

    If you seek Jesús in all things, you will surely find Jesús.

  • the-new

    The new testament

    Of Our Lord and savior Jesús christ

  • the-prodigal

    The prodigal son

    Insights into divine compassion and human behavior.

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