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  • my-life

    My life on the rock

    A rebel returns to the catholic faith.

  • partnering

    Partnering with the king

    Partnering with the King represents thrity-one readings in Matthew to be studied by individuals daily for a month or by groups weekly from fall to spring- especially appropriate in the li...


    Praying scripture for a change

    A introduction to Lectio Divina.


    Shirt of flame

    “This book brings out the grit of sanctity, how it is a continuous, no-holds-barred full-on contact engagement with reality. This episodes from St. Therese´s life and Ms. King´s r...

  • the-story

    The Story of The Other Wise Man

    His name was Artaban, and he told his doubting friends why he wanted to travel far away to see the promised king: “It has been shown to me and to my three companions among the MagiC...

  • the-word-of-god

    The word of God

    the word of god in the life and mission of the church

  • opos2

    What is Opus Dei

    The best-selling novel, The Da Vinci Code, has brought under scrutiny a powerful and influential movement within the Catholic Church – Opus Dei. This institution, often charged with...

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