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  • doors

    Doors to the sacred

    A born storyteller, Sr. Bridget Haase invites you to look at the ordinary experiences in your life in order to see God at work. These stories will help you find hints of the holy in your ...

  • encountering

    Encountering Christ

    When Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio stepped out the balcony in St. Peter´s square the new Pope, many were unfamiliar with him. Many wondered who he was, where he was from, and how he wou...

  • faith

    Faith can give us wings

    A relationship with God, he explains, can change everything in our lives. It can be comforting, challenging, and exciting. God´s love can make us feel like we did, as teenagers, with but...

  • fracis-clare

    Francis and Clare

    This joint biography illuminates the lives of Francis and Clare and their way of life. It shows how they were bound together by devotion to God as well as by the violent objections of the...

  • freedom-lent


    Twelve lives transformed by the theology of the body.

  • freedom-dios

    Freedom and Forgiveness

    Confession is the most talked about sacrament in the Catholic Church. There are two who confess: God and the penitent. God is the primary confessor when he confesses his forgiveness for a...

  • friends-of-god

    Friends of God

    Homilies by JoséMaría Escriva. A collection of 18 more homilies given by JoséMaría Escriva during his life of tireless preaching. They are centered on the theme of the Christian virtu...

  • from-blessing

    From Blessing to blessing

    Your guide to reading the catechism.

  • god-will

    God Will Provide

    A specialist in human goodness and recent saints, Patricia Treece offers the fruits of years of research on how God meets the needs of his people. Mother Teresa of Calcutta, for instance,...

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