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  • frequent-2

    Frequent Confession

    Frequent Confession presents convincing and strong evidence for the benefits of frequent reception of the sacrament of Penance for the health and growth of the spiritual life of all faith...

  • friends-of-god

    Friends of God

    Homilies by JoséMaría Escriva. A collection of 18 more homilies given by JoséMaría Escriva during his life of tireless preaching. They are centered on the theme of the Christian virtu...

  • from-blessing

    From Blessing to blessing

    Your guide to reading the catechism.

  • go-1

    Go in Peace

    Confession, Penance, Reconciliation. The ancient Sacrament of Penance is called many names but has one purpose – the forgiveness of sins. Many Catholics and ot...

  • good-leanders

    Good Leaders good shepherds

    Discovering leadership principples for effective priestly ministry

  • grieving

    Grieving, a beginner´s guide

    Chances are, if you are reading this, your heart is broken. This book is designed to help those in pain- and specifically those who have lost someone through death- to imagine the path be...

  • holy-rosary

    Holy Rosary

    St. JoséMaría wrote a beautiful little book, Holy Rosary, which is rooted in spiritual childhood, a disposition of the soul of those who wish to attain total abandonment to the divine w...

  • being

    I´m not being fed !

    discovering the fodd that satisfies the soul.

  • joy-to-the

    Joy to the world

    The Forgotten meaning of Christmás.

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