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  • 40-days

    40 Days living the Jesús Creed

    Scot McKnight has come to call this vital teaching out of our Lord the Jesús Creed. He recites it throughout the day every day and challenges you to do the same, You may find that, if yo...

  • 99-psalms

    99 Psalms

    “These psalms sound the urgent need for revelation, implying a strong corrective to our modern material life. It is a joy to witnedd the vision of such an arresting poet.” ...

  • amazing-marrie

    Amazing Grace for merried couples

    12 Life-changing stories of renewed love.

  • amazing-suffer

    Amazing grace For those who Suffer

    10 life changing stories of hope anda healing.

  • angels

    Angels for kids

    Children should know just how much they are cared for. “Buy this book for your kids, savor some reading time with them, and you´ll be amazed by how much you´ll learn too!” -...

  • becoming

    Becoming a Great God Parent

    Becoming a great god parent is lively, informative, and easy-to-read, and explains who is eligible to be a godparent as well as how to be a great one. It offers a brief history of godpare...


    Catching fire becoming flame

    “Fr. Albert embodies the message of this book. He is alive in the Spirit and engages others with the desire to fan into flame for God. This book and Varios are a must for an enrichi...

  • christmas

    Christmás with the Holy Fathers

    There is nothing more beautiful than the Christmás season as it is celebrated at St. Peter´s Basilica and throughout Vatican City. The dark nights, glowing candles, incense, and music i...

  • mental-2

    Difficulties in Mental Prayer

    Long beloved of Catholics worldwide, this book helps you conquer the obstacles that confront most people when they begin to try to pray regularly. Eugene Boylan discusses the nature and w...

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